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Metricbeat Setup

Metricbeat Metricbeat is lightweight monitoring application provided in Elastic Stack which could be used to monitor various components like Server, apache, mysql, redis etc. In this article are going to configure Metricbeat to monitor Linux Server Usage and Apache Web Server metrics. Please use the link to download Metricbeat 7.4 Once you have downloaded the Metricbeat application copy it to the servers that you want to monitor and extract the contents. In metricbeat there are two items that needs to be configured Metricbeat configuration to connect to Elasticsearch and Kibana Modules that needs to be activated for monitoring 1. Metricbeat Configuration : In metricbeat folder you will find metricbeat.yml which hold all the configuration to connect to Elasticsearch and Kibana to send the collected metics. Use the below setting to establish connectivity. env: monitoring setup.kibana:   host: " kibana-ipaddrss:port "   protocol: "ht

Kibana Setup

Kibana Setup including SSL In this article we are going to explore on configuring Kibana to use Elasticseach cluster with encrypted communication and add SSL for encrypting communications in Kibana. Kibana is one of component of ELK stack which is used for visualization of metrics that were collected in Elasticsearch. Prerequisite for this article are Elasticsearch Production Cluster Setup and Secure Ealsticsearch Note : We should same version of Kibana build as of Elasticseach or else it will not compatible. I am using Kibana Version 7.4 as i am have Elasticsearch 7.4 cluster. Download Kibana 7.4 Generate Certificates : 1. Let generate client certificate based on the CA certificate generated in earlier post Encrypting communications in Elasticsearch . There should be "elastic-stack-ca.p12" certificate under "config" folder in Elasticsearch. bin/elasticsearch-certutil cert --ca config/elastic-stack-ca.p12 -nam

Encrypting communications in Elasticsearch

Encrypting communications in Elasticsearch This article provides steps to configure SSL security for Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch by default doesn't have encrypted communication between Nodes or other external sources interacting.We can enable the Encrypted communication between nodes and other external components. We require are cluster to go ahead with Encryption of Elasticsearch communications, if you have not already setup one please refer  Elasticsearch High Availability Production Cluster Setup Current Configuration is done using  Elasticseach 7.4.0 version. Let dive into configuration. Before we start we should be having minimum of two master nodes and one data node in cluster to start. 1. Generate Certificates : Elasticsearch provides utility to generate self signed certificates. "elasticsearch-certutil" is the utility which could be found in "bin" directory of elasticsearch directory. bin/elasticsearch-certu

Elasticsearch Cluster Setup

Elasticsearch High Availability Production Cluster Setup This article provides steps to setup your own Elasticsearch Cluster in Single and Multiple server Environment that is accessible from external sources using Using URL or IP address in Production Configuration where failover scenario is covered in case of single master failure. I wanted to setup my own ELK Cluster where I can monitor System, Apache, JMX, APM and Logs from different applications.  This is part of monitoring solution, further more article to come in the same series. Elasticsearch is one the widely used document databases and is also part of ELK stack which is used for Log processing. Elasticsearch can be operated in different modes, below are few. Master node Data node Coordinating node I faced many issues while trying to setup a Production Cluster which could be accessed from other server for which I have to bind it to network interface. On doing to I have to assign Physical