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JMeter - Error Handling

JMeter - Error Handling I have been working on POC to check how far JMeter is compatible for migrating from LoadRunner. During the process there are few thing I have encountered which are not readily available in JMeter components or plugins available but achievable. Error Handling - In case of any error during the flow, logout need to be called before next iteration. I tried searching Online for anything related but I couldn't find any, below is how I have handled the above mentioned.

Apache Kafka Load Testing with JMeter - JSR223 Sampler

Apache Kafka Load Testing with JMeter Kafka works well as a replacement for a more traditional message broker. In comparison to most messaging systems Kafka has better throughput, built-in partitioning, replication, and fault-tolerance which makes it a good solution for large scale message processing applications. In Distributed Microservice Architecture Kafka is used for non-blocking communication between the services,  handling enormous volumes of real-time data streams generated by systems like IoT, Recommender system etc. there are plethora of  other use cases where Kafka can be utilized. Testing of Kafka validates if Kafka cluster is able to handle current load without any failures. Most of time testing Kafka, is testing the  whole application as Kafka is really fast in terms accepting messages and consumer applications which consume messages from Kafka topics lead to overall high processing times. Now coming on testing Kaka we are supposed to send\consume huge numbe