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JMeter - MySQL DataStore for Unique reusable and Sequential data

JMeter MySQL Datastore One of the requirement is to implement to provide Unique data across all the users running, once iteration is done data should be restored so that the other users can use the same data again. At any instance of time the same data should not be used by multiple users. A solution is already available  HTTP Simple Table Server , but the problem is by default if data fetch is set to unique, data is deleted from the STS queue. In combination with Error Handling  we could achieve Unique reusable data by pushing used data irrespective of success or error back to Queue in STS. To utilize STS we need to load CSV data files to STS and used them during the test. However, I needed a centralized data store to manage data rather than multiple data files, it is tedious to manage data files as the number for business transactions increase and huge datasets. So I utilized relational database MySQL to manage data, JDBC Sampler in combination with  Error Handling  to access and rel